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Location, location, location. It's critical to retail success. And it's the reason why retailers of all sizes are scrambling to put their business on the Internet. Boasting millions of shoppers, the Internet is the ultimate retail location.

With, opening a retail location on the Internet is far simpler than establishing a new "brick-and-mortar" store. From creating your customized Web store to stocking your electronic shelves to enabling transactions, manages all the essential details that stand between you and the online marketplace.

A Web site is a powerful, low-cost solution to your Internet goals. Here's why:
    It's turnkey. Not a programmer? Don't know HTML from HTTP? Don't worry. will build your site, customize it for you, host it, maintain it, and provide you with the tools you need to maximize its effectiveness. You just get in and drive.

    It's your Web site. Not a listing on a manufacturer's Web site or a storefront buried in someone else's mall, your Internet store is an independent, content-rich Web site. You customize it to say and display what you want it to. And that's just the beginning of your independence.

    Total control with Site Manager. You can update and edit your site online with Site Manager, a password-protected site that works like a personal business portal. Here you can process your online orders, browse and sign up for different manufacturer catalogs; customize your displays SKU by SKU; change the look of your site; check your site traffic; add traffic-generating idea guides to your site; and much more.

    PRODUCT! Putting your business online is one thing. Doing business online is another. For that you need product. By working with your favorite manufacturers to scan and catalog their products, turns your Web site into a Web store. You'd pay thousands upon thousands of dollars (as many have) to build an indexed product display that compares to one of our manufacturer catalogs. The question is, why would you? updates your catalogs automatically with the latest product releases, and regularly adds new catalogs for you to shop. Expanding your online inventory of real product is as simple as point-and-click.

    It's Easy! Getting your business online couldn't be easier. Just call 1-888-462-6674 to get started.

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